From San Pedro Alcántara to the Castaño Santo (20 km – 5 hours approx.)

Puerta Verde of Marbella

The Castaño Santo (Holy Chestnut Tree) is in between San Pedro Alcántara and Las Conejeras. Footpaths and tracks are well signposted and have been recently cleared by the Junta de Andalucía. To start the walk to the Holly Chesnut Tree you will take the track that starts next to the golf club La Quinta.

This first track that you will take to the Castaño Santo is the same that you would take to go to Ronda. The track goes up hill for approximately 12 kilometres until you arrive at La Venta Quemada. You will continue walking until you encounter the junction with the track to Istán. You will pass the junction until you find a footpath on the right hand side. This path will take you to the Castaño Santo.

The size of this millenarian chestnut tree is impressive, and being next to this tree is an experience which cannot be fully described through words. The calm that this tree transmits and the resonance of its presence in the surrounding landscape is a metaphysical experience.

If you were to continue walking up north in direction to Ronda you will find the Puerto de la Refriega. We recommend you to take food and water provisions for this live-changing adventure.