Hike from the San Pedro Alcántara to Ronda (45 km – 13 hours approx.)

Passing by the Puerta Verde (Green Door) of Marbella

This route starts next to the golf club La Quinta, and is the same track that will take you to the Castaño Santo (Holly Chestnut Tree). Therefore, the second starting point could be the Castaño Santo. Some images of this millenarian chestnut tree can be found in the section dedicated to that hiking route.

The first part is probably the hardest of the whole route, since in less than 15 kilometres this track will take you up to 900 meters above see level, where you will find the Puerto de la Refriega.

The route is approximately 45 kilometres from San Pedro de Alcántara to Ronda, and you will walk on well signposted tracks and footpaths that have recently been cleared by the Junta de Andalucía. The changes in the landscape are astonishing, because the route goes through different valleys. During the walk you will realise that most of the sounds are natural, because there are hardly any vehicles driving on the forest tracks during the week. This route has been connecting the coast and Ronda throughout millennia.

After having crossed the second way-point of El Robledal you will arrive at Fuenfria, a beautiful place where in the old days you could find a Cuartel de La Guardia Civil (police station) in which bandits, merchants and police man would share shelter.

4 km north of Fuenfría there is a crossroad, from where you could go west to the camping Las Conejeras, north to Ronda or east to Los Quejigales. We recommend you to do this hiking route in two parts: first from La Quinta to Las Conejeras or Los Quejigales, and second from there to Ronda.

You will continue north on the trail where you are in complete isolation, there are absolutely no cars, and you will walk on a plain and pass some rivers and a few hamlets on your way towards Ronda. The views are incredible, and here you can connect with nature, pristine, unspoiled. This utter calm is so different from the noisiness of the coast.

From the height of the Sierra you will see the city of Ronda in the distant. In that precise moment you will know you are part of a group of hundreds of thousands of people that have traveled throughout the centuries to Ronda from San Pedro de Alcántara and vice versa, walking this same route without needing cars or petrol.

This hiking route can last 13 hours, and be aware there are no shops, kiosks or pubs on the way, so you will need to carry your own food and drink provisions. However, we can ensure you that the effort is worth while.