Visiting Marbella’s Mining Past

Less than two hundred years ago, 75% of Spain’s iron ore originated in Marbella. From 1828 until 1910 first an entrepreneur from Malaga, Manuel Heredia and later the English Iron Ore Company ran a vast mining operation in Marbella. In 1832 the company built the first charcoal-fired blast furnace in Spain;  an iron-smelting operations at the Finca de la Concepción. A rail line with five British built engines and 175 freight cars connected the finca with today’s Alameda Park where the iron ore was loaded onto ships to be exported to Britain, thus supporting industrial growth in the 19th century. Marbella’s town hall offers a guided tour to the Finca de la Concepción on Sunday October 4th at 11AM  Drive up the road to Istán and take a left at Finca Laetitia.