Eating healthy – eating organic

Since 2009, Andalucia Ecologica has built an alliance between local organic farms and the residents of Marbella and San Pedro, by providing a home delivery service of chemically free produce.

We all know that recently harvested fruits and vegetables are healthier since they contain larger amounts of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Thanks to this scheme, more and more Marbella families are now enjoying a healthier diet at a reasonable cost.

Every week, Andalucia Ecologica updates there online shop to adjust to fruit and vegetables in season, and delivers orders to your door step.


All associated farms are certified organic and predominately located in the Malaga province to reduce the carbon foot print on unnecessary transportation.

You can order directly from Andalucia Ecologica  at or place an order for a trial box for which you can pay in either the Marbella Local Currency, M€ or in Euros.